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LMS Midlands Regional Meeting and Workshop on Quantum Probabilistic Symmetries, 3 - 7 September 2012, Aberystwyth

Aim & Topics
The topic of this London Mathematical Society (LMS) regional meeting and workshop is located at the crossroad of several modern mathematical disciplines which have seen spectacular progress in the past decades: operator algebras, representations of large groups, noncommutative probability and quantum information. The aim is to present recent progress in these areas to a wide mathematical audience to foster further research projects on the interplay of the above listed topics.

Symmetries in a quantum setting are explored along many different approaches, based on groups, quantum groups, subfactors etc. A new approach to the study of such symmetries has recently been opened by the successful transfer of foundational results on distributional symmetries from classical probability to free probability and noncommutative probability. This transfer indicates all kinds of subtle interrelations between seemingly unrelated treatments of symmetries in a quantum setting.

We plan to explore new promising connections between:
  • quantum symmetries in free probability
  • quantum symmetries in subfactor theory and exactly solvable models
  • noncommutative de Finetti theorems and central limit theorems
  • representations and combinatorics of large groups (e.g. infinite symmetric or braid group)
  • symmetries in quantum information theory and their applications
There will be introductory mini-courses to some of these topics.

More information here.