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Alexander Pitchford

Master in Physics (Aberystwyth University)

Phd Student
supervisor: Dr Daniel Burgarth


Office: 111, Physical Sciences Building, Penglais Campus 
Phone: +44 (0)1970 622762


  • Quantum Control
  • Many-body quantum systems
  • Quantum optimal control algorithms
  • Symplectic dynamics - quantum harmonic oscillators


Alex's early career was predominantly in IT consultancy and software development. He worked with many organisation on a variety of projects. Initially using virtual human software for ergonomic evaluation of products (e.g. cars, aeroplanes) and work places. Then in simulating factory processes for optimal load balancing. And then in back office process automation, specialising in automatic data capture from paper documents.

Alex graduated from Aberystwyth University in 2014 with first class honours. He also won a number of prizes, including the prestigious Andy Breen prize for best final year project. Two major projects were completed during the undergraduate MPhys course. The first was on Electronically Induced Transparency - an analogue using coupled RLC circuits was used to investigate the effects of quantum interference. The final year project was to develop an open source, open platform, and license free quantum optimal control library, which has become Qtrl.

Since starting his PhD at Aberystwyth in September 2014 Alex has submitted the Qtrl code to the QuTiP open source project. This was merged into the main branch in November, and was the main highlight of the 3.1 release in January 2015. Alex was made full admin member of the QuTiP project in July 2015. His research has been on systems of quantum harmonic oscillators (QHO), and he is currently investigating conditions for controllability in these systems.