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Professor John Gough

BSc MSc PhD (NUI, Dublin)

John's the one on the right by the way!

John with the departmental Dalek.


Office: 414, Physical Sciences Building, Penglais Campus
Phone: (0)1970 622 755
Fax: (0)1970 622 826
Personal Web Site:

External Funding

London Mathematical Society, Scheme 6 grant, 2005
Principal investigator for EPSRC GR/R78404/01 "Analysis & Control of Quantum Systems - Measurement, Filtering & Decoherence"
Principal Investigator for EPSRC EP/H016708/1 "Quantum Control: Feedback Mediated by Channels in Non-classical States"
Participating Investigator on Australian Researrch Council project "Stabilisation of nonlinear quantum feedback control systems" 


John Gough heads the Aberystwyth Quantum Structures, Information & Control group.


  • Quantum Dissipative Systems and Feedback Control Design by Interconnection, M.R. James, J. GougharXiv:0707.1074v1
  • The Series Product and Its Application to Quantum Feedforward and Feedback Networks, J. Gough, M.R. James arXiv:0707.0048
  • Singular perturbation of quantum stochastic differential equations with coupling through an oscillator mode, John Gough and Ramon van Handel, (J. Stat. Phys., 127, no. 3, 575-607,207) arXiv:math-ph/0609015
  • Quantum Stratronovich Calculus and the Quantum Wong-Zakai Theorem, John Gough, (Journ. Math. Phys. 47, 113509, 2006) arXiv:math-ph/0511046
  • Randomized Hamiltonian Feynman Integrals and Schrodinger-Ito Stochastic Equations, J. Gough, O.O. Obrezkov, O.G. Smolyanov (Izvestiya Math., 69, 6, 1081-1098, 2006)
  • Feynman Diagrams and the Quantum Stochastic Calculus, J. Gough (Banach Center Publ. 73, 187-198, 2006) arXiv:quant-ph/0411064
  • Quantum Flows as Markovian Limit of Emission, Absorption and Scattering Interactions J.Gough, (Commun. Math. Phys., 254, 489-512, 2005) arXiv:quant-ph/0309056
  • Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations for Quantum Filtering and Control, J. Gough, V.P Belavkin, O.G. Smolyanov, (J. Opt. B: Quantum Semiclas. Opt. S237-244, Special issue on quantum control, 2005)arXiv:quant-ph/0502155
  • Quantum Markovian Approximation for Fermionic Reservoirs, J.Gough & A.Sobolev, (Inf. Dim. Anal. & Quantum Prob. 8, No. 3, 453-472, 2005) arXiv:quant-ph/0309057
  • Boson-Fermion Unification Implemented by Wick Calculus, J.Gough, (Advan. Stud. Contemp. Math. 11 (2), October 2005)
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  • Non-commutative Markov Approximations, J.Gough, (Doklady Mathematics, 64, No.1, 112-116, 2001)